Aquatera Ltd.

Duncan Clarke (Orkney Liaison). Duncan is Head of Onshore Development, and works on Aquatera’s data management tools and its marine surveying activities.

George Mosomi (Technical Support). George is Renewable Energy Consultant with experience in electrical engineering design and installation, grid optimisation, and decentralised applications in blockchain technology.

Gareth Davies (Strategy). Gareth is Managing Director and founder of Aquatera, Chair of the Orkney Renewable Energy Forum, and works with environmental and energy communities and stakeholders worldwide.

Aquatera Ltd. provides a modern and innovative suite of environmental services and products. The company delivers to local, UK and worldwide markets and has established a strong track record in the renewable energy and other energy sectors.

IT University of Copenhagen

Laura Watts (Project Director). Laura is an 'ethnographer of futures' as well as poet and writer, and Associate Professor in Science & Technology Studies. She has been researching Orkney energy and data futures for the past decade.

Philippe Bonnet (Technical Director). Philippe is an experimental computer scientist with a background in database management. He is Professor of Computer Science with focus on programmable storage devices. 

Sebastian Büttrich (Wireless Networker). Sebastian is a physicist turned wireless networker, free technologist, solar, wind and hydro energist, biker, noisemaker, wordlover, who works with embedded / pervasive systems, wireless technology, open source / free software and solar energy.

IT University of Copenhagen delivers internationally recognized and highly relevant research and education. It has research groups across innovative communication, computer games, IT design, business IT, and software development, who work in collaboration with industry and the public sector.


David Bryant (Advisor). David is a Fellow in Mozilla’s Emerging Technologies group, responsible for providing technical expertise and representation for engineering broadly in all aspects of company decision making.

Mozilla has kindly funded this project through a Mozilla Research Grant.

Mozilla is dedicated to keeping the web open, healthy, and accessible to everyone. As part of that mission, Mozilla provides research grants to universities, labs and research-focused registered non-profits working to make the internet a better place.  Its work is focused on fueling the movement for an open Internet, by connecting open Internet leaders with each other and by mobilizing grassroots activists around the world.