Seminars at a glance

  • September: Philippe Bonnet (title to be confirmed)
  • 27 August: Sebastian B├╝ttrich (title to be confirmed)
  • 24 July: David Bryant on 'Remote Working and meeting participation'

What are the Online Seminars?

Online seminars, which anyone in Orkney can participate in. Each monthly seminar will focus on a key topic of interest across the islands, with an emphasis on supporting remote and online participation.

How can I participate?

We use an online video collaboration platform called Vidyo, which can be installed on any online device (computer, tablet, smartphone). You can also 'call in' via your normal telephone, to participate on audio only. It doesn't where you are, you can always participate. We send out instructions each month, and are always available to help set you up.

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Where can I get technical help?

See our instruction page on Vidyo. Or if you are still having problems get in touch with Duncan Clarke (

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